Minute is a mini commuter.

It takes you from work to home to park
to movie to friends to coffee to go…
On small wheels as you can see,
which make it strong, fast, compact and agile:
The ultimate city ride.

Minute goes by fast.

It’s a bike that responds directly to its rider,
like a well-trained horse.
(Or a Shetland pony if you prefer.)
Perfect to navigate through the city and
to be stored compactly in your home.

Minute is born out of love for cycling.

The brain-child of Elian Veltman,
pioneering mobility engineer.
Designed in Holland.
A small country, but big in riding bikes.

Minute is built to last a lifetime.

A well-thought-out construction and a body of steel.
No compromises in durability and quality,
just the essentials.
And did we mention the extra strong small wheels?

Minute serves today’s commuters.

Both men and women who are
not afraid to move forward.
Who choose to arrive first over fashionably late.
Who like to take unexpected turns and
enjoy every minute of the ride.

It’s time for the next step in cycling evolution.

It will only take a Minute.
Minute, a small bike for great minds.